Get Admission into MBBS in Ukraine at an Affordable Cost

The Kiev Medical University (KMU) is the first private medical university in Ukraine. This university is located in the Kyiv city which is also the capital and largest city of Ukraine. The KMU is also one of the top most medical universities in Ukraine, which provides different types of graduates and postgraduate courses at an affordable price. Every year, thousands of abroad students take admission in this University. The certificate provided by this university is received well in most part of the world.admission in ukraine

Student’s life at KMU:

In Kiev Medical University the student has a very rich life; they share a desire and learn not only the classic medicine but also the traditional medicine. A Lot of attention is being paid to the institute of the clubs, every student-where they can apply to their inclinations. There are clubs such as basketball, football and other sports club for the student where they can participate in the long distance competitions.

Students also have the facility to attend institute gym, pool which will make them with physical and mental fitness. The university conducts various tours to different country during the academic years through which the students learn different culture and languages. The students are can also earn money during their holiday which helps them for their tuition fee.

Rules to Get Admission in MBBS:

The international students follow the same set of rules as those of Ukrainian in order to get admission in MBBS in Kiev medical university. The necessary document require to get admission in this university are as follows.

  • Document specifies the identity and citizenship of the students, military ID or certificate of origin, certificate of date of birth- for those students who does not have a passport or other document specifying identity and citizenship.
  • Documents related to the previously education qualification
  • Certificate of external evolution
  • Photo copy of identity and citizenship
  • Six color photograph 3*4cm etc

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