The Best University to Study MBBS in Ukraine-Kyiv Medical University

Many students want to study abroad for better education, better technology and better career. We know abroad universities have advanced technologies. For this reason, everybody has dreamed to study in abroad universities. Ukraine is a best destination which is famous for top medical universities in the world, situated in Eastern Europe. All the Universities in Ukraine are of world class and come under Bologna Agreement of European Credit transfer System. Medical education in Ukraine is cheaper cost wise & highly reputated technology wise.


Students of MBBS

Kyiv Medical University is the best university to study mbbs in Ukraine a leading position in the World Health organization, it is based on the combination of classical and alternative medical study method. Students from all over the world (India, UK, Africa, Germany etc.) are involved by medical education (medicine, dentistry and nursing etc.) in Ukraine due to very tuition fees, small living cost and quality of medical study. It offers direct admission in medicine without any test and donation only on your basic knowledge and 50% marks in higher education. The center of medical financially helps to the best students who came for you study.

Some key facts to study in Kyiv Medical University:-

  • University with maximum student exchange programs.
  • 137 working hospital with over 100,000 surgeries per year.
  • 6 year multiple entry resident permit in first year.
  •  No Contractors or intermediate companies.
  • Payment options per semester.
  • Study in capital of Ukraine.

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