Want to Study Abroad with a very Reasonable Price and No Donation


Practical Training of Students

Want to become a Doctor and in search for a university that provides you a quality education without any kind of entrance examinations. Then Ukraine is the right choice for you to proof your efforts and abilities in the medical background. Kyiv Medical University is an institution that aims at maintaining a reputation of teaching with a difference. The University has trained over 10,000 health personnel mainly general practitioners, dentists and pharmacists.

It applies a Bologna Process that is a series of ministerial meetings and agreements between European countries designed to ensure comparability in the standards and quality of higher education qualifications. Kiev is a very secure place to live. The lecturers of the medical university are very professional and highly experienced. The lectures are provided in English, Ukrainian and Russian languages. MBBS admission in Ukraine in English is a very easy process on the first come and first serve basis.


Study MBBS in Ukraine at a Cost Reliable Way

Wnix0kpW380XPxAF_cab5zTzeZT02m5LTNdpoWv9KtY=w872-h609-noIn this world getting a medical degree from a government recognized institute is one of the difficult tasks and no one can get admission easily without qualifying the entrance examinations. And if anyone thought of getting a foreign  medical degree then it becomes too expensive. But Kyiv medical University of UAFM fulfills the dream of almost every people by providing medical education at a very affordable price. MBBS in Ukraine is flourishing day by day and attracts a large number of people towards this country.

We are providing courses which vary from undergraduate levels to post graduate levels. The Undergraduate course takes six years and on completion students will be awarded a medical degree for MD or MBBS. Our graduating certificates are attested by the ministry of Defense of Ukraine. We offer post Graduate courses for Clinical Residency, Masters, and Doctoral level and the duration varies from two to three years. So study MBBS in Ukraine is not anymore a difficult way and one can get enrolled on first come and first serve basis.

Direct MBBS Admission in Ukraine – Kyiv Medical University

As we all know that Ukraine may be a celebrated country for the medical education that is found in Europe. Indian students will gain the advantage of learning medical courses in Ukraine. Ukraine may be a best destination for wonderful education at cheap and competitive value. International students notice Ukraine additional of their feeling to check mbbs in Ukraine. It offers medical courses in English, whereas learning in Ukraine, you’ll not face language drawback. The highest medical universities in Ukraine embrace Kyiv Medical University that is understood for form of specialties that it offers.


Kyiv Medical University is kind of associate degree recent university that gives highest medical education to students coming back way and wide, that is placed within the capital of country, called Kiev town. The university was based in 1992 and since then has been providing graduate and post graduate degrees like internal medicine, Stomatology and preceding Nursing etc. it’s supported the mixture of classical and fashionable medical study technique. The most advantage of finding out mbbs during this university is that you simply don’t have to be compelled to crack any entrance test, It offer direct mbbs admission in Ukraine is only on the idea of your basic information of English and marks obtained in your education.

Study Medicine in Ukraine at Low Cost

If you wish to become a doctor then, land could be a most suitable choice is Ukraine that is found in Eastern Europe. The capital of the Ukraine is Kiev, as we all know It is that the center of commercial, scientific, instructional, and cultural of Eastern Europe. Largely students don’t take admission as a result of they don’t crack entrance however some universities of Kiev supply to require medicine admission in Ukraine in terribly simple method. Kiev has several medical universities that supply prime quality and up to date analysis medical education. Kyiv Medical University is one in every of them, a well-established medical university ranks at prime for quality within the list of the most cost effective medical colleges in land for international students.


Faculty of Kyiv Medical University

The main blessings medicine in land (KMU) for student of the high feature of teaching of this University, with snug tuition fee and living prices. It offers to direct admission in medicine courses with none check and donation solely on the premise of your basic data of English and five hundredth marks in your high school. The tuition fee of mbbs course has been terribly low around twenty 16 lac for six years and living value is additionally terribly less. It has become easier for the students in best university to study Medicine in Ukraine because of the nominal fee structure and the choice of the languages.

Discover the Art of MBBS in: Kyiv Medical University

Learn and practice the craft of medicine in Kyiv Medical University of UAFM, Ukraine. KMU is a well known recognized and an old university which gives most noteworthy medical education to students coming from across the world. Kyiv medical university came into existence in 1992, the university comprises of around more than 1000 international students.


Checkup of Patient

Many students want to pursue MBBS degree but due to expensive college fees as well as less number of colleges, they fail to pursue it. The university offers many MBBS courses such as Pediatric, Neurology, and Dentistry and so on at a very effective cost and students can get direct admission also. Study MBBS in Ukraine will also open many other doors for the students throughout the world to track their profession as a doctor.

MBBS in Ukraine provides students with many more benefits like availing loans and scholarships also. Kiev Medical University Ukraine is outfitted with best class-based and cutting-edge instructing guides for the student better understanding and overall development.

Cheapest Medical Schools | Direct Admission in MBBS-Kyiv Medical University

Do you want to go the best place to study mbbs in international medical university? Or, are you searching medical organization where education is very well and fees are less than other medical universities? We know it is very important for you to study at the most reputable medical universities or schools. Ukraine is a country which is situated in Eastern Europe at this time, but before some time it is placed in Russia, which is famous for medical studies. The main problem to study in abroad is language problem, but some top medical universities in Ukraine which offer medical courses in English medium. So most foreign students past completing medical courses of relevant language, or they can study mbbs in Ukraine in English.


Students of Kyiv Medical University

MBBS 2015 aspirants can apply for direct admission in MBBS at universities in Ukraine with low tuition fees. Kiev city is the capital of Ukraine it is known as the center of medical study, research and development, choosing to live and study in Kyiv is a good decision. You will have access to all the amenities of a big city while being able to afford a great lifestyle, as Kyiv continues to have steady economic growth, low unemployment rates and low costs of living. As a student, reasonable tuition fees and affordable living costs are very important and can affect your overall success while studying away from home. In Kiev, Kyiv Medical University is considered one of the cheapest medical universities in Ukraine, founded in 1992, recognized by Medical Council of India and World Wide Reorganization. It offers undergraduate and post graduate programs of medicine programs and it has three main programs: Faculty of General Medicine, Faculty of Stomatology and Preparatory Faculty.

Some important facts about Kyiv Medical University are:

  •    MBBS in Europe in English.
  •   Low Tuition Fees – 22000$ (16 Lac INR)
  •    No Donation.
  •   No Entrance.
  •   Direct Admission.
  •   NO IELTS / TOEFL Required.
  •   100% Admission and Invitation Assurance.
  •   Guaranteed study visa to our students.
  •  Affordable cost of living in Ukraine

MBBS Admission of International Students in Kyiv Medical University in Ukraine

Many students are looking best universities for admission. Some abroad universities offer higher education for International students. As you know about, Ukraine. Ukraine is the second largest country in the Eastern Europe. It is awesome country where many scientists and innovators were born and gave their roles in the technology.


Kyiv Medical University Campus- Study Medical Education in Ukraine

Here, I am discussing about other leading university, “Kyiv Medical University”. Many students aware about this university. Kyiv Medical University was founded in 1992. Its history is closely connected with the research of medical science.It offer direct admission in MBBS without any test at very low tuition fee in English Medium.

Kiev is one of the few cities of the Ukraine where general medicine and stomatology programs are study where skilled specialists are trained for these areas. Kiev (or Kyiv) is the capital of Ukraine. This city is very peaceful city and it is not part of Russia.


Foreign citizens who wish to get the education at the Kyiv Medical University have to submit the following information about themselves in English language to email info@kmu-kyiv.com

  • Full Name;
  • date of birth;
  • citizenship;
  • passport no;
  • complete address with Phone No. /Cell No.;
  • visa issuing place;
  • course interested;

On the basis of the information the university draws up an official invitation for study and sends it to an entrant. In order to draw up an entry visa, foreign citizen who has got official invitation has to apply to nearest Ukraine Embassy or Consulate of Ukraine.

To get Ukrainian visa, foreign citizens have to submit the following documents:

  1. Official invitation for study;
  2. Copy of the document certifying received education with a list of courses and grades;
  3. Document certifying unavailability of Aid’s infection;
  4. Document certifying the state of health certified by the official health care bodies of the country which the citizen arrived from and issued maximum 2 months before coming to Ukraine for study;
  5. Birth certificate copy;
  6. Return ticket
  7. Full tuition fees for the first year studies only.