MBBS Admission of International Students in Kyiv Medical University in Ukraine

Many students are looking best universities for admission. Some abroad universities offer higher education for International students. As you know about, Ukraine. Ukraine is the second largest country in the Eastern Europe. It is awesome country where many scientists and innovators were born and gave their roles in the technology.


Kyiv Medical University Campus- Study Medical Education in Ukraine

Here, I am discussing about other leading university, “Kyiv Medical University”. Many students aware about this university. Kyiv Medical University was founded in 1992. Its history is closely connected with the research of medical science.It offer direct admission in MBBS without any test at very low tuition fee in English Medium.

Kiev is one of the few cities of the Ukraine where general medicine and stomatology programs are study where skilled specialists are trained for these areas. Kiev (or Kyiv) is the capital of Ukraine. This city is very peaceful city and it is not part of Russia.


Foreign citizens who wish to get the education at the Kyiv Medical University have to submit the following information about themselves in English language to email info@kmu-kyiv.com

  • Full Name;
  • date of birth;
  • citizenship;
  • passport no;
  • complete address with Phone No. /Cell No.;
  • visa issuing place;
  • course interested;

On the basis of the information the university draws up an official invitation for study and sends it to an entrant. In order to draw up an entry visa, foreign citizen who has got official invitation has to apply to nearest Ukraine Embassy or Consulate of Ukraine.

To get Ukrainian visa, foreign citizens have to submit the following documents:

  1. Official invitation for study;
  2. Copy of the document certifying received education with a list of courses and grades;
  3. Document certifying unavailability of Aid’s infection;
  4. Document certifying the state of health certified by the official health care bodies of the country which the citizen arrived from and issued maximum 2 months before coming to Ukraine for study;
  5. Birth certificate copy;
  6. Return ticket
  7. Full tuition fees for the first year studies only.

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