Best Medical School to Study MBBS in Europe – Kyiv Medical University

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The European Education system is one of the most recognized educational systems in the world. It is an honor for the students to complete their graduate and postgraduate level degree courses in Europe. The postgraduate level degree courses at the European Universities provide the students with a prosperous and a promising future. The best faculty along with the state of the art technologies provides the students with quality education. The young trainees also get attracted towards modern and the efficient education system in Europe. The young learners also avail an opportunity to experience the most advanced teaching by the dedicated faculty members.

In Europe, the country named Ukraine is considered to be one of the largest countries. The country has diverse cultural, educational and economic achievements. The country is even a great place for education and tourism. The Kyiv Medical University is one of the best medical schools in Ukraine which attracts a large number of students from various corners of the world. There are various places to visit in Ukraine and the country attracts twenty million tourists every year. A large number of tourists come from several Asian, African and West European countries. Indian students can gain advantage for studying Medical Degree programs in Ukraine.

At the Medical Schools, Students can easily clear their doubts and increase their knowledge about the subject as the classroom size is small. The practical orientation increases the interests of the students in the subject. The country is well known for the Medical Programs which it offers. The Medical School has adopted several high tech teaching methodologies in order to meet the ever growing demands of the students. The degree programs taught in the University are approved by the Medical Council of India, World Health Organization and some other international council.

The Admission procedure at the Ukrainian Medical Universities is very flexible. The University does not conduct any kinds of entrance examinations like TOEFL and IELTS. The students need to clear their high school examinations from any recognized board. The Universities offer very affordable degree programs for its international candidates. The tuition fees for studying general Medicine in Ukraine is US $ 4000 approximately.

(i) Cost of accommodation is US $ 700 per year.

(ii) Cost of Medical Insurance is US $ 300 yearly

(iii) Medical Checkup – US $ 200

The Medical School offer scholarship and guaranteed Visa to its international candidates. Financial assistance is being provided to the dedicated and meritorious candidates. The best Medical Schools in Europe, Kyiv Medical University offer credit transfer opportunities for its international students, which enables them to transfer their credits.


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