Revealing the unleashed secrets of study medicine in Ukraine in English

The blog is written to help the interested candidates know about the best of career options available with them in the field of medical sciences, like the General medicine, which is dealing with saving the people’s life with the help of medicines and the medical care and the treatment of the emergencies people’s are suffering with. To get in the career option of involving in the medical career and unleashing the new development in the form of research, one needs to get good grade of marks from the good and well established the state, at par in the country in the subjects such as


  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Environmental sciences

To get in the university that offer the best and the high quality of education with the learning with the best of practical and theoretical training  with the offering of training and the scholarships benefits, one needs to get involved in the medical environment of the country. In the best of the location around the world, studying medicine in Ukraine in English language is beneficial for the medical aspirant of the local and the international candidates, who want to get the best in high quality to maintain particular standards.

To get the best of preview of medical education, students live institute interesting rich life. They all share a desire; above all, teach the entire most progressive that has gained today not only classic but also traditional medium. Much attention is paid to the institute of clubs, each student where can be applied toward this inclination. In the field of General medicine from Kyiv medical university are given the opportunities to see different countries, learn their culture and language, earn money during the holidays for tuition. It is also possible to study and a loan for excellent discounts offers good pay. The life of Kyiv medical university can be enjoyed by the interested candidates by taking the direct admission in the different courses like General Medicine, Stomatology, and preparatory courses, and others.

The Kyiv medical university of UAFM is accredited by the ministry of education and science of Ukraine upon improving educational work for fourth level of accreditation. The KMU is also offering the medical aspirants with the advantages of study medicine in Ukraine in English to get the best career option for the growth in the public and private sector life.

Services offered by KMU to the international students

  • Getting admission letter from the university
  • Payment of Visa fees to the Embassy
  • Arranging air ticket from your location to Kiev
  • Arranging road transportation from airport to the university
  • Providing Indian meal on arrival and providing students the opportunity to connect to their parents through phone
  • Arranging for accommodation

The experience of study MBBS in Ukraine for Indian students, Wide range of state-of-the-art technologies along with best faculty provide the students with quality education. The young apprentices get attracted towards the efficient and modern education system in top Universities.


Exciting Opportunity for Marvelous Career

Practical trainingStudents of Kyiv Medical University

Are you looking for something exciting to do after graduating school? And you want to broaden your horizons by studying abroad? Studying medicine in Europe is the way to go. Kyiv Medical University offers innovative medical education with an idea to infuse principles of alternate medicine in the conventional medical world.

The Kyiv Medical University boasts of special department of Research and Innovation dedicated to the goal of implementing all the modern training methods to conventional medical education system to achieve excellent trained doctors.

You can now study medicine in Europe and be rest assured that you will achieve the basic clinical competence required off of doctors with the universal knowledge, understanding, professional skills, expertise and ideology. This is possible in Kyiv Medical University.

Situated in the largest and capital city of Kiev, Kyiv Medical University has a beautiful campus and facilitates sports such as basketball, football etc. Also much attention is paid to the institute of clubs i.e., dancing, singing, painting, poetry, stage, theater and the likes. Kiev is a beautiful and ancient city with its own historical importance and unique Ukrainian culture. Also the inhabitants of the city are friendly and helpful.

The Kyiv medical University offers a chance to study medicine in Europe, with the accreditation by Ukrainian Ministry of Education and recognition by WHO’s Avicenna directory of medical schools, colleges and universities as well as International Medical Education Directory (IMED). Diplomas of Kyiv Medical University as recognized in all the major countries worldwide such as USA, Canada, UK etc.

The University is determined to achieve highest international standards of education and providing it’s students good and relevant knowledge in medicine, which they have achieved so far.Your decision to study medicine in Europe would be life changing as, you will be brilliantly prepared for your foundation programme of general clinical training. Also their emphasis on inter disciplinary training and early patient contact will boost your confidence.

A commitment to academic excellence drives everything they do and has earned for them the international recognition. In an independent review KMU was awarded highest possible judgment. This is fitting as they provide advice and training to all the students to prepare them for jobs or higher studies.

In India you have to shell out around 50 Lakhs for MBBS, KMU on the other hand provides this education with the lure of international exposure in terms of training and jobs in a comparatively meager amount of 13 Lakhs. The summer training programme sends students to foreign countries which helps students understand methodologies being used in the industry and expose them to nuances of medical advances. The Kyiv Medical University lets you study medicine in Europe for a wide range of courses. Graduate courses include General medicine, Stomatology and pharmacy in graduate courses and for post graduate courses it offers for general medicine, Stomatology, primary post graduate, training (internship), training foreign citizen.

KMU presents itself as one of the first choice for students from entire mainland Europe and Ukraine itself.What are you waiting for? Take the plunge and reap the benefits of this exciting opportunity.

To Study Medicine in Ukrainian Universities – KMU

L1002138-копияKyiv Medical University

Among the seven continents in the world, Europe has technically more advanced and developed countries. Each country in this continent has its own unique culture, history, language and people. If you are a medical aspirant and are toying with an idea of studying abroad then Ukraine proves to be a potent option. Ukraine offers you plenty of opportunities to gain firsthand knowledge of different cultures. The country is well known for having one of the leading medical institutions. Studying Medicine in Europe will bolster your career pathway. Meanwhile, students can also grab the golden opportunity to learn Ukrainian language as well.

In the Ukrainian Universities, students can find high quality and innovative education system. Every year, more than thousand numbers of candidates approach the country to pursue degree courses in Medicine. The teaching terminologies aim at augmenting the problem solving capabilities of the students. Students can easily access and get solutions to the problems on their own. In the field of Medicine, most of the Ukrainian Universities are famous for their innovative research works. For the benefit of foreign nationals, the majority of courses are conducted under English medium of instructions. The professors of the Universities are highly dedicated and motivated.

The Ukrainian Medical Universities adopt practical based learning approach. Ukraine is a country with richness in history and culture. The top notch Medical Universities offer scholarship opportunities for its deserving and sincere candidates. While studying Medicine in Europe, students can avail financial grants as well. Hence, this proves to be a great support for a middle class person.

Ukraine is the country which offers a safe and a secured living for its foreign nationals. Study Medicine in Europe is economical and reliable. It is a beautiful country with huge mountain ranges, ideal for skiing, fishing and hiking. Native people in Ukraine are friendly and benevolent. They always welcome their visitors wholeheartedly. International students can interact with their fellow mates and can explore different cultures and traditions.

While studying Medicine in Europe, foreigner students can avail a large number of benefits

(i) Affordable tuition fees

(ii) European standard of living.

(iii) Reliable living costs.

(iv) Chances of permanent settlement in Europe.

Today the Kyiv Medical University is considered as one of the leading Medical University in Ukraine and the University conducts direct admission procedure into the undergraduate degree courses. For getting admissions, students can either contact the authorized representatives or they can visit directly the University website.

The Best University To Study Medicine in Abroad

In today’s modernized era, Medicine proves to be a one of the interesting fields of learning. Fresh schools pass out students who are continuously searching for a quality medical education are migrating from rural areas to urban areas and in this context the Medical institutions in Europe believes in offering a quality professional education with excellent career opportunities. Students can Study Medicine in Ukraine in English medium. The institutions offer degree courses which are recognized globally and for many years the medical institutions believe in producing specialists and experts.

Ukraine is one of the biggest countries in Europe and the country has diverse cultural, educational and economicqsGElnQ9K0_WVmemJdX8y9wyrG9XOw_FL7WtBR9ZZio=w872-h609-no achievements. The best aspect is that the medical institutions offer peaceful and an affordable living environment for its country people. Kyiv National Medical University is The Best University to Study Medicine and is the center of attraction for all foreigner students. Ukrainian institutions offer undergraduate degree courses in Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy and after the successful completion students can take admission in postgraduate degree courses. The postgraduate degree courses do not exceed three years. Ukrainian institutions also offer paid internships for its international candidates.

study medicine in Ukraine- Direct Admission in MBBS 2015| Kyiv Medical University

Well said, students can work hard for getting admission in best universities but even they study hard but not able to get admission. So please do not lose your hope. There is another option study in Ukraine, Ukrainian universities are recognized worldwide and degree is also accepted in every country. Students can also work in their home country after study medicine in Ukraine in English.

Applying to college in the Ukraine from another country can be exciting and challenging. The process may be different from one in your country, but it need not be difficult if you get accurate information and follow the required procedures carefully.

There are more than 820,000 students from other countries enrolled in MBBS degree programs in medical universities. Many of these institutions have more applicants than they can accept in any year. As a result, university admission can be very competitive, especially for applicants from outside the Ukraine.

Consider your own characteristics:QC6301sDcB5w_a6Zz38led7lDQi50zOZPMsxH_Kc-Ao=w872-h609-no

What kind of person are you?

What makes you happy?

What are you interests?

Are you sure you know what you want to study?

Why do you think studying in another country will be good for you?

What about studying in another country makes you feel anxious?

Have you been away from family for long periods of time before?

Ukraine’s University offers direct admission in MBBS 2015. Kyiv Medical University is the leading university, established in 1992. This university has recognized be Medical Council of India and World Wide Reorganization. It offers undergraduate and post graduate programs of medicine programs in English and Russian language.. This university has three main programs: Faculty of General Medicine, Faculty of Stomatology and Preparatory Faculty.

This university has major facts:-study medicine in ukraine in english

  • No Donation.
  • No Entrance.
  • Direct Admission.
  • NO IELTS / TOEFL Required.
  • 100% Admission and Invitation Assurance.
  • Guaranteed study visa to our students.
  • Affordable cost of living in Ukraine.
  • WHO and MCI Approved.
  • World Wide Recognition.
  • Low Tuition Fees – INR 13 Lakh for Six Year